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Click to view larger image I have always had an interest in highways. I like travelling on them, travelling on them to new places, and - don't laugh - I get a kick out of seeing new highways being designed, built and opened.

This section is purely experimental right now. It's just a temporary work area to try out some ideas I am working on for a full-blown highway website being planned, offline.

Here is what's currently available:

Miscellaneous Highway photos that I've taken in the past... or that my fellow "roadgeeks" from misc.transport.road may wish to contribute. :)

Roadpix - The New M-121
A quick look at Michigan's "newest" state highway.

Roadpix - The MI-IN-OH "Tripoint"
A new collection of photos from a recent roadtrip, showing where you can be in three different places at the same time.

Roadpix - Michigan's Transition To Clearview
Photos of signage which clearly show the differences between the FHWA and Clearview typefaces. Michigan, like many other states, is in the process of transitioning all freeway signage over from FHWA to Clearview.

Roadpix - Michigan's Changing Route Marker Styles
A photo study of the different styles of route marker shields that MDOT has placed along Michigan state highways in recent years.

Roadpix - The M-6 "Soutbelt Shuffle"
Pictures from the Southbelt Shuffle, which took place in early October 2004.

Roadpix - US-131 "Exit 76"
A selection of photos from US-131 freeway south of Grand Rapids, where there was a recent problem with exit numbers, a numbered street and local citizens.

Roadpix - New US-131 Freeway Terminus
Photos and other information pertaining to the US-131 freeway construction north of Manton. This is the new "permanent" north end of the freeway for the forseeable future.

Roadpix - Goofs, Oddities, Etc.
Michigan is usually pretty good about it's signage and not allowing any mistakes or sloppiness to take place. The operative term here, is "usually". :)

Highway Downloads
Complete sets of highway markers are now available for download and use on your own "roadgeek" site.

Experimental Stuff
Graphics, web page layouts and other stuff I am experimenting with for the future web site. Check it out, and for you m.t.r-ers, please let me know what you think. Thanks!